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Jenny Robins is


Born in Brighton in 1985

Ba Illustration from Southampton Solent School of Art and Design 2007

PGCE 2011 and MA Art and Design Education 2014 at the UCL Institute of Education, London

Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition 2018 – winner
Laydeez Do Comics Award 2018 – judges mention
The Big Draw Awards 2015 – runner up with Story Hands
Animate Europe comic competition 2015 – shortlisted

Qualifications from the University of Life:
Advanced making friends skills (networking), clear eyes, full heart, exceptional voice projection, obsession with birds (New Zealand 2008), special courage award (karaoke), long term commitment commendation (marriage 2013), impressive collection of interesting pieces of paper (NOT hoard – collection), drawing drawing drawing drawing drawing.

jenny robins - red cropped

Jenny’s style is rooted in the organic fluidity of line and watercolour, often matched with the serendipity of found materials collage. She loves exploring ideas visually and through the juxtaposition of word and image, so her illustration work delivers meaning and immediacy in a clear colourful package, extensively edited on the computer but still retaining the signature touches of hand drawn and painted elements (what she likes to call the yummy bits).

jenny robins illustrator in extradorinary

Jenny is currently based in North London, where she works on a plethora of projects and teaches Art part time. She works on commission for professional and private clients as well as regularly providing live drawing at events and fairs. She likes birds, words, wearing lots of necklaces at once, competitive cookery programs and riding her bike around London.

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Illustrator in Extra-Ordinary, Jenny Robins specialises in immediate, intelligent visual communication using really yummy lines and colours. and splashes of serendipitous collage elements.

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