Live drawing

Please email to enquire about live portraits or live art from Jenny Robins or from a larger group of illustrators. Prices start from just £10 per portrait and £90 per hour, with a minimum spend of £150 within greater London.

mural jenny robins covid crowd scene 2021

jenny robins - live portraits - childrens birthday party - fancy dress - small
Live Portraits – in pen, children’s fancy dress party at Regents Park, July 2015

Offering a uniquely fresh, accurate and flattering live drawing service, I can capture up to 10 likenesses an hour, working in a variety of materials. The most popular has been pen (very fast) and watercolour (very pretty), but I’ve also done events drawing portraits on an ipad and illustrated giant boards to record an evenings entertainment.

jenny robins live portrait drawing

Live drawing can add something very special to an event, party or wedding, and not only will I create unique mementos for your guests to take home, but also provide entertainment for large groups as I’ve found people love to watch the live illustrations take shape as much as they love to be drawn. I like to show off a bit by working all the tones and colours in first before adding details, so watching the images take shape can be exciting in itself.


“We absolutely loved what you did. It was truly unique.”

– Dive Bar Hoxton

“jenny robins illustration returns back by popular demand and available for your fast, colourful and flattering live portraits. Have them done in a group of friends, individually, with your pet or your loved one… These are quick, fun and can be done on the spot or by commission”

– Jumble and Pearls

“The drawings look amazing, thank you so much. I love our two, and everyone else was so happy with theirs. I still can’t quite believe that you managed to draw all thirty-something kids in so little time! “
– Private party client

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Illustrator in Extra-Ordinary, Jenny Robins specialises in immediate, intelligent visual communication using really yummy lines and colours. and splashes of serendipitous collage elements.

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