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The Hands That Make, a collage comic poem that explores my research for my Arts Council funded project exploring feminist art history is now available on Gumroad here
cover 2
News July 2022: pages from Biscuits (Assorted) was shortlisted for the V&A Illustration Awards in the Book Illustration Category. I did not win but I did go the award ceremony and eat delicious canapes. It’s such an honour to be shortlisted! You can see the full shortlists here
At the moment my work is going through a development period where I’m doing a lot of research and development to combine mixed media approaches with my drawing style. This includes things like the above, and also an Arts Council funded project which will result in some kind of collage comics about feminist art history. Watch the space that is here, or on my socials.
New in November 2021, Poogurtory is a 32 page spinoff comic from Biscuits, presenting extracts from the virtual conversation of Danni and Rosa during the first year of the pandemic. It’s sort of about poo, but mostly about friendship. You can buy a physical edition here, and a digital version here. See a preview of the comic on Broken Frontier here.
Remember Biscuits is still available from your favourite book or comic retailer, or you can pick up a signed or customised copy from me here
I did this life size crowd scene mural from my covid sick bed since I couldn’t do it live for the exhibition of Biscuits artwork that the amazing Joe and Nora helped me put together for Hackney Comic and Zine Fair 2021.
They beamed me onto the wall for the exhibition launch through the power of modern technology.
I did a Colossive Cartography recently (2021). With coots. It’s kind of a big deal, but I keep wanting to spell it collosive, it’s two sses not two ells. Anyway there are more of them and they are awesome learn more here
Natasha Natarajan invited me to collaborate on this live comic at the Cartoon Museum, it was a really cool experience.
This video shows me, Rachael House and Rob Bidder talking about our comics process as part of Natasha Natarajan’s project and exhibition with the Cartoon Museum.
Video by Eliot Gelberg-Wilson.

I did a mural of some birds and a tree in my friend Katie‘s house. It is too big to photograph, here are some bits. 

I did hourly comics day in Feb 2021, here’s two of my favourite pages, you can see the rest if you scroll down my insta. 

page 11

page 8

In summer of 2019 I illustrated a special edition of the Royal College of Nursing bulletin, all about safe staffing levels. It was an absolute pleasure and honour.


I also drew this in Macedonia in 2019, but I still like it enough to keep it here. 

jenny robins - my eyes needed a rest comic

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Illustrator in Extra-Ordinary, Jenny Robins specialises in immediate, intelligent visual communication using really yummy lines and colours. and splashes of serendipitous collage elements.

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