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Life size crowd scene in progress… seems like a good time to mention it could be yours!
This piece is up for silent auction and all proceeds go to North London Action for the Homeless
If you are in London, I will probably even hand deliver it for free.
I’ve also made a JustGiving in case you want to contribute but don’t want to bid.
The original plan was to do this over the weekend live at Ridley Road Social Club, where the exhibition of Biscuits artwork for Hackney Comic and Zine Fair is still up till the 18th but then I got covid so I am doing it from home. I think I’m about half way though. Keep an eye on my instagram stories and I’ll keep posting updated images as it develops





I did a Colossive Cartography recently (2021). With coots. It’s kind of a big deal, but I keep wanting to spell it collosive, it’s two sses not two ells. Anyway there are more of them and they are awesome learn more here


I did a mural of some birds and a tree in my friend Katie‘s house. It is too big to photograph, here are some bits. 

I did hourly comics day in Feb 2021, here’s two of my favourite pages, you can see the rest if you scroll down my insta. 

page 11

page 8

In summer of 2019 I illustrated a special edition of the Royal College of Nursing bulletin, all about safe staffing levels. It was an absolute pleasure and honour.


I also drew this in Macedonia in 2019, but I still like it enough to keep it here. 

jenny robins - my eyes needed a rest comic

Don’t forget you can also buy things like zines and sketchbooks from me on Etsy.



Jenny Robins - blah blah blah typography

Illustrator in Extra-Ordinary, Jenny Robins specialises in immediate, intelligent visual communication using really yummy lines and colours. and splashes of serendipitous collage elements.

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