Jenny has been a comic book lover since her awkward teenage years (Rumiko Takahashi, Vertigo, Unlimited X-men, hours spent copying half understood images from French magazines) and has made various small comics in various publications (Dirty Rotten Comics, Solipsitic Pop, Over the Line, Meanwhile…).

Her first Graphic Novel, Biscuits (assorted) can be purchased from Myriad here. Or from your favourite book or comic shop. You can also get signed and personalised copies, and original page artwork, from my Etsy here.

Biscuits (assorted) won the Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition and also earned a Judges Mention from the Laydeez do Comics Prize for an in progress Graphic Novel this March (2018). You can read more about Biscuits here. 

Pages from Biscuits:

jenny robins - biscuits assorted - strong beautiful woman
london is unfrielndy wow
if by unfriendly
Jenny Robins - comic - Maya on the phone

Here are some other examples of comic work:

Not really a comic, more of a collage map, but made for Colossive Cartogrophy 2021

Page from hourly comic 2021. See more on my Instagram.
Page from hourly comic 2021. See more on my Instagram.
Re-wilding - Jenny Robins 3
Page from Insider Art Anthology, 2020
Nora page colour
Page from Nora’s birthday comic, 2020
comic 1 small
comic 2 small
Pages from Animating COVID-19, 2020
jenny robins - marriage equality
Marriage Equality comic for the Irish Referendum campaign, 2015
Jenny Robins - ding dong 1 small
Poetry Comic for anthology ‘Over the Line’, 2015. Available here
jenny robins - depression - poo - cat comc
Cat Poo comic. 2015
jenny robins - found text comic - page 1 final
Found text love story comic for 4 page story in Meanwhile… published by Soaring Penguin Press, 2014. Available here.
First page of award short-listed 8 page comic for Friedrich Naumann Stiftung’s ‘Fur Die Freiheit’, 2015. Available for free download here.
courting serendipity small 2
Design for seeded paper postcard insert for Solipsistic Pop 4, 2012. Available here.
jenny robins - solipsistic page 1
Page from 4 page comic ‘maps’ for Solipsistic Pop 4 , 2012 Available here.
Jenny Robins - Alex George - Sunday Comics page - Horay Bear - bees
A Horay Bear comic, for The Sunday Comics, 2015
From 4 page story illustrated for Bedlam magazine, 2007
magpies page 37
Page from self published book ‘Magpies’2007

Illustrator in Extra-Ordinary, Jenny Robins specialises in immediate, intelligent visual communication using really yummy lines and colours. and splashes of serendipitous collage elements.