Should you want to get your hands on a piece of excellent Jenny Robins artwork or paraphernalia there are a few places about the interweb listed below that make this easy. Please do not hesitate however to get in touch if you want to request a print or commission a picture, or if you want a re-issue of an old zine.

Prints, zines, cards, original artworks and a few other bits and pieces are available in the Etsy shop here.etsy jenny robins Digital versions of Poogurtory and THe Hands That Make are on Gumroad here


Biscuits (assorted) my first graphic novel, can be obtained through reputable and disreputable book and comic retailers, or ordered directly from me here.

Cover promo

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Illustrator in Extra-Ordinary, Jenny Robins specialises in immediate, intelligent visual communication using really yummy lines and colours. and splashes of serendipitous collage elements.

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