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Jenny Robins draws birds, words, comics, people, whatever you want really. She's really good at it.

New and Pertinent Things



Read all about my journey through comics to creating Biscuits (assorted) here.

This is where I post new things I’ve been up to recently, for more examples of my work please browse through the portfolio posts above, and check out my blog posts in the feed to the right

jenny robins - my eyes needed a rest comic

I did this in Macedonia in the summer, getting a well earned break from drawing my comic, by drawing a quick comic.


Also in the summer I illustrated a special edition of the Royal College of Nursing bulletin, all about safe staffing levels. It was an absolute pleasure and honour.

I’ve finished the first draft of Biscuits (assorted) as of February 2020, but I still have a lot of work to do, you can see some pages here.  It’s going to be a big beautiful book sooooooooon.

panel mashup buffer

That situation all started with the feminist poster I did for One Beat Zines. It combines a lot of my favourite things and ways of working, i.e. drawing words and collage and people and even a bird. I didn’t expect it to spawn a whole big project and a book but that’s the way it goes guys, creativity breeds creativity and briefs breed, um, personal work.

jenny robins - one beat zines - feminist poster

On the bird front I have some really juicy ink drawings over on Artfinder including this swan piece that got a lot of love. I wrote a blog piece about how drawing birds is like drawing faces after this here.

jenny robins - swans

Don’t forget you can also buy things like zines and sketchbooks from me on Etsy.



Individualised, I suppose you have to say “bespoke” name illustrations also are available

jenny robins - typography design - name illustrations - children - little carousel gallery

As are custom portrait commissions.

adam small

Here are some recent live portraits from my latest outings around London

jenny robins - portraits - christmas

hand lettering work can be seen over in the Drawn Words gallery.

Jenny Robins - blah blah blah typography


Biscuits (assorted) is my first graphic novel, published in November 2020 by Myriad Editions. You can buy the book direct from them here or from your favourite reputable book or comic retailer. It’s very good I think you would like it. 

Cover promo
Here’s the book in real life, plus some original pages – most of the original pages are available for sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to buy one.

It is the culmination of a lot of overlapping ideas over several years, begun with my illustration project #3point52billion. It is also a sort of love letter to London, and to its women, and their courage.

It features the overlapping stories of a number of characters including Hana – a perpetually optimistic supermarket employee, Sarah – who is spending the summer doing a data project on playgrounds with her young daughter, and keeping a secret, Clara – who has been thrust backwards into a bisexual love triangle, Maya – oversharing on public transport, Susan, Keerthika, Marissa, Jess, Almas, Samarah, Lucy, and more besides.

Drawn Words

Hand drawn text is the only way to get truly unique typography you know. Text design, with or without background imagery is a speciality that has grown in sophistication in my work in recent years with increased use of digital layering to create more adaptable designs. Clients include Computer Arts Magazine, One Beat Zines, Little Carousel, Teatime Vintage, many private clients and text t-shirt designs for Topman.


Collage Design

When I was proper young, like many tweens of the 90s, I used to make mix tapes. In keeping with the punk DIY aesthetic of the chop and change and take and keep nature of these tapes my cover designs were surreal collages, made from pictures and words found in magazines (how this all translates into the digital era is a whole other topic for another time).

When I grew up and moved to London (2008), I started making alternative valentines cards using the same technique, and the same tongue in cheek surreal juxtaposition made for some love messages that were by turns hilariously obscene, and strangely touching. I’ve been making them ever since and the best of the alternative valentines have been curated into 2 mini zines. The found text look has in recent years crept into other parts of my practice, mainly as a design technique.

My wedding invitations in 2013 took the found text angle to its pinnacle, or so I thought, but more recently I have been commissioned to make text collage pieces for The New Tabloids album design, a 4 page comic story for Soaring Penguin Press, and a sinister found text poem for Amelia Gregory’s new book That Which We Do Not Understand.

I’m excited to see where this technique will take me next, I never get bored of collecting interesting words and combining them with exciting colours and shapes.

Here is a really long love poem written using only found lyrics.

jenny robins - wedding - design - collage - silly love song - long version


Birds, birds, birds, my words fly like birds, my birds fly like words.

I always seem to be drawing birds.

This is a little more the fine art arm of my work, as I’ve exhibited my bird paintings as an artist (at Webbs Gallery, Northcote Road,  The Common Ground coffee shop, The Mill House, Windsor, Fragments) and also sell bird themed paintings at Artfinder, but my avian obsession of course spills over into my illustration work, both personal and commercial. Three of my illustrated books have been themed in part on birds. The original Magpies book of short stories being one, and a compilation of the ongoing series recently recommissioned What Birds are Really Thinking being another. When I designed the illustrated guide to using the internet for art teachers for the Institute of Education (Whose Afraid of The Big Bad Web), I used bird headed anthropomorphic characters. When I doodle in margins I tend to draw birds as well, often seagulls.

So, an obsession? Perhaps. A speciality? Definitely.

Real TV Wisdom

On ongoing, on and off project where I draw from Television, capturing moments of pure wisdom, issuing unscripted from the mouths of celebrities and would be celebrities alike.

The whole project can be viewed here, the majority of the original drawings are available for sale, if you are interested get in touch or visit the real tv wisdom shop. 

TV, like life, is fleeting, we laugh, we cry, we go in the other room to make a cup of tea or read an email and miss stuff. I want to record some of the greater moments and pin them down in the traditional moment capturing method of drawing. Which is better than photographs. Because I say so.