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New and Pertinent Things



Biscuits (Assorted) is still the biggest most important thing I have done in recent years. If you don’t know what that is – read more here. And you can read all about my journey through comics to creating Biscuits (assorted) here. 

This is where I post new things I’ve been up to recently, for more examples of my work please browse through the portfolio posts above, and the section tabs at the top, and check out my blog posts in the feed to the right, if I ever do those again. For most pertinent things I’m more likely to post on the insta and twitters.

In June 2021 I did a live comic at the Cartoon Museum with Natasha Natarajan as part of her ongoing series of Panel by Panel Discussions. It was really fun. See more about it here.

I’m kind of quite a lot about collage at the moment, it’s a thing. If you’d like to see me talk through my personal collage sketchbook, I did an insta live about it here

I did a Colossive Cartography recently (2021). With coots. It’s kind of a big deal, but I keep wanting to spell it collosive, it’s two sses not two ells. Anyway there are more of them and they are awesome learn more here

I did a mural of some birds and a tree in my friend Katie‘s house. It is too big to photograph, here are some bits. 

I did hourly comics day in Feb 2021, here’s two of my favourite pages, you can see the rest if you scroll down my insta. 

page 11

page 8


In summer of 2019 I illustrated a special edition of the Royal College of Nursing bulletin, all about safe staffing levels. It was an absolute pleasure and honour.


I also drew this in Macedonia in 2019, but I still like it enough to keep it here. 

jenny robins - my eyes needed a rest comic

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Jenny Robins - blah blah blah typography